Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pop Cult- Troll Meme

-where does the word Troll originated from?
-who started this meme?
-why did this meme get so popular?
-has this meme cost a lot of trouble?
-what is it use for?
-who came up with this face?
-how does it work?
-when would you use it?
-does troll exist before internet?
-why does it look like quagmire from family guy?
-why would people troll?
-how do you win a troll?
-how do you response to a troll?
-how did the concept of troll start?
-is troll designed to make you mad?

          In today's internet, many ways are invented to relief stress and take pleasure in causing suffering.

counter ignorance on the web.


  1. Your thesis is good but needs to be more arguable.

  2. Your thesis should be more specific on what type of suffrage it could mislead readers.

  3. You have a good start to your thesis, but you could make it clearer on what you mean by today's internet. I also agree with Tony's comment, it should be more open for interpretation and debate.

  4. A few unrelated questions but still good questions, and i wonder how many different ways could people argue against this thesis.

  5. i agree with your thesis. I believe people make pointless things on the internet that later become mainstream. Your questions could be expanded more as well.